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“Leave that blessing to simmer on the stove.” Those words have set up residence in my head and have been banging around since I first heard them on Friday. A friend who is an ordained minister was preaching and I went to listen for something told me to go. I have finally learned that when the Spirit says go…you go, so I went, and the going was a blessing. When Reverend Bojangles spoke those words, I was stopped by them. I was struck with the meaning of the words and how they convicted me. I so often think of blessings as immediate answers to some crisis or dilemma currently troubling me. Very rarely, if ever do I think of a blessing as something that takes time to grow and mature. Indeed, I lose count when I actually try to assess how many times times I have wanted to rush a blessing, or try to make it happen myself. How many times have I tried to “help” God along? It is preposterous that I think I can do something to “aid” the Lord in the coming of my blessing. Yet I foolishly try, and usually become an agent in blocking or delaying my own blessing. I do this in many ways, my pride, my arrogance, my ego all say that I know best in all things, and this can blind me to alternative ways of thinking and doing that would actually serve me better in many situations. I am reminded of the scripture from Isaiah, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Waiting on anything is not a sexy notion in these instant messaging, Slack commenting, I want it yesterday times. However another lesson I have learned at this point in my life is that anything that is worth a damn comes slowly and is worth the wait. Think about it, go over the things that mature slowly and that are what we all long for. Love takes time to grow. Sure we fall into lust quickly, but true love, married 45 years type of love, takes time to mature and develop. Wealth, not riches but wealth takes time to accumulate. You’ve got to make the right investments and stick with them through ups and downs over the long haul to reap the financial rewards. Community, that real bond with life long friends has to steep. It takes years of lunches and dinners, and late night phone calls, and Waffle House conversations with tear stained napkins to cement deep, meaningful friendships. Some think waiting is inactive however it does not have to be at all. In these descriptions I have laid out of what takes time to develop, you can see action happening in the waiting. There is just a wisdom and understanding that while we must do our part in living life, we must also know when to fall back, and let God work. It takes discernment (which I often lack and am growing in using) to know when to do which. I think we know what is right, but we let the noise of the instant culture rush us to bad judgement again and again. If we can crowd out that noise, and simply listen to our inner wisdom, that still small voice  (what I call the Holy Spirit) we can begin to make the choice that grows us, instead of the choice that limits us and the community.

Anything that actually has worth, takes time. Things need to simmer for their full flavor to develop. I needed that word in the worst way at this time in my life. I am so glad I went to hear the word and was open to receiving my blessing.


One comment on “Simmer

  1. Rev. Pat Raube
    April 26, 2016

    Just beautiful.

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