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What’s Good?

imageInspired by sister Nicki Minaj, I’ve got to ask this question of 2015. He’s gone, we’ve all broken up with him and moved on to a better brotha -2016. However, like Adele, I just gotta call last year up.

I’ve got beef.

Not just for how 2015 treated me, but us. My queer family, women, the poor, and everyone not in the 1% of the richest whitest privilege. How do we move forward into a new year and not fall into the same traps of our last lover 2015? Last year though it went viral in terms of hash tagging and promotion- black lives did not matter. Here we are in 2016 and the cop who murdered our child, our boy, 12 year old Tamir Rice, has no charges filed against him… imageThen, just to prove that what happened to Tamir was messed up and wrong, a group of white grown men with real guns (unlike the toy Rice had) take over a federal building and make demands, yet no shots are fired…


So how is this year different? Ok Cosby is finally facing charges. That’s improvement I suppose. But can I cheer for that while Donald Trump continues his hate parade campaign which is actively inciting physical violence against brown people?

Trump Danger

Trump violence

What to do fam? I’m happy to possibly, maybe be seeing an interracial brown queer couple in Star Wars, if we are to believe what everyone is “shipping” lately…


That would be an incredible thing for Disney (who has a history of racism and real diversity issues from Song of the South to the all white Into the Woods) to do, step out of white heteronormativity and give us a gay brown couple who are heroes, and masculine who save the Galaxy? That could be an incredible thing for little kids and for this big kid to see. If they kiss in the next episode and aren’t made to die tragic deaths in repentance, it will be a miracle and I will be pleased Disney finally stepped up to the plate. Just a cursory Google of Poe and Finn will bring up hundreds of images, fan fic, think pieces, and art about this coupling. It is a beautiful thing to imagine. We just need to remember one thing.

It hasn’t happened yet…

Right now they are just best buds. This is something Disney could stick with. So I think we are all getting too excited about a possibility of equality, rather then living with the reality of oppression onscreen In representation. Finn is problematic when you look at him anyway as a black character, he’s a liar, a coward, inept at everything but shooting (interesting right?) and will abandon people when the going gets tough, (Rae at the bar) sure he comes back for her, but he still abandoned her to begin with. Neither of the other two leads – Poe and Rae exhibit these qualities. So why must the black man be a scared grunt worker for the enemy, who tells lies, abandones people, and is incompetent at everything but shooting? Seems like Disney is up to its old tricks. Like I said, I’ll believe the queer storyline when it actually manifests itself and isn’t just all in our collective fanboy and fangirl heads. Believe me though I ship Poe and Finn HARD!

So 2015 left me angry and tired, 2016 so far seems more of the same, with a tad bit of hope in places. I guess that is a good thing. At the end of the day fam, all we have is hope and action fuled by that hope.

Keep strong, and stay in love with our new man 2016 until he gives us reason not to be.



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