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The Trouble With Matt

I loved Matt Damon. Come on, we all did. Ok maybe you did not LOOOOOVE him like I did as a young gay boy, but you liked him. His history as growing up poor, and being the son of a teacher who surrounded him with diverse people growing up painted a picture of the liberal good guy. He painted a picture of himself as the Atticus Finch of Hollywood, (the real Finch in Mockingbird, not the contested fake one in Watchman) who dashes into the fray to save minorites and has the megawatt smile.

Well we were all fooled. Recently Matt Damon has been saying and doing things that disrupt this narrative. Like the time he interrupted a black woman to tell her what diversity is and how it should be implemented…

Damon and Diversity Disaster 

Or the time he suggested gay actors should stay in the closet…

Damon and Closets
So the image has been shattered, but what is going on here? The mask has fallen, and we get a peek into the actual mindset of this movie star we have come to know and love from films like, Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Bourne Supremacy, and countless others. The performance of Matt Damon has ended and we now see the backstage of his mind. He is not as liberal as we thought, and indeed he is leaning towards the role of the oppressor in his policing of minorites and telling them what they should and should not do.

What I find fascinating is that in his words about gay actors, he said, “…I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you, period.”

Now that I know how he feels about women of color, and gays, I cannot watch him. His new film The Martian is out, and usually I am in the front row seat to see a Damon film, however this time I won’t be there. I know too much, and I cannnot pretend to be able to stand his face now. I cannot “unknow” how he feels about me, a gay black artist. As far as Damon is concerned, I should not care about being in the room, and I should keep my sexuality a secret. I have a few words for Matt Damon:
Dear Matt Damon,

Hi, It has been a while I know, I am sorry for the lack in communication. I have been busy trying to not get killed by police. Anyway how are the millions you’ve made off me seeing your many films low these 20 years? Great, I am sure they are still growing. Hey listen, we need to talk. I know you are busy so this will not be long. I am Sorry Matt, I cannot sit in the back of the bus for you any longer. I am officially OUT of love with you, and believe me it is not me, it is definitely you. It just isn’t going to work out between us. We had some good times, but the relationship has now turned abusive, so I must get out of this. In the future, could you stop telling minorities what to do?

My Best,

A Black Gay Man with a Conscience.
I guess he proved his point though huh?

Let’s do the work to change the gatekeepers in entertainment who remain mostly white, straight and male. Matt Damon and his comments are indicitave of a field where people of color are only 13.7 percent of the writers in showbiz. That is DOWN from 15.7…

Writers Guild of America Report 
We need to change the narrative here. Remember that just because Viola Davis is kissing women on tv, it does NOT mean everything is well.

Do not be fooled. Keep checking male privilege. Keep cheking white cismen. The trouble with Matt is that  I fear that what Matt let slip out is really in the heart of many a white liberal, and that is both sad and terrifying. How are people of color to build bridges and live in inclusion with whites when the ones who are publicly for us, are secretly really against us?



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