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There is an amazing opportunity to blend a love for beautiful, hand made things, and supporting the LGBTQ community coming up this Friday May 29th. You can support the True Colors Ministry  by simply shopping at Just Creations between six and nine p.m.

If you shop between those times, Just Creations will donate a percentage of the sales that evening to True Colors. This will help the ministry to prepare for the Pride Festival coming up!

The True Colors Ministry is a group that has embraced my whole being. It is a place where ANYONE, LGBTQ or other wise can come and find a community of love and acceptance and fellowship. You are accepted and loved for who you are, not what someone says you are “supposed to be”. We have movie nights where we get together with popcorn and our favorite beverages and view films then discuss their modern themes and issues, we hosted a panel of Trans women discussing the church and how bridges can be made, we gave a delicious potluck Thanksgiving meal for students who might not be able to go home and be their beautiful queer selves, and that’s only a taste of what the ministry group does. I’ve had soul filling conversations that lived at the intersections of sexuality, faith, and love, in a safe space thanks to True Colors Ministry.

If you have never been to Just Creations you are in for an excursion  into craftsmanship, raw brilliance, and simple elegance. The store is self described as an “International Fair Trade Marketplace” and while that does describe them, it doesnt clue you into the gorgeous garments, gold and silver jewelry, hand woven baskets, teas, spices and more that await you.

Did I mention that Just Creations does not just go into these foreign lands and set a price for the wares of the artisans they find? No, they ask the indigenous people how much it costs them to make the items and then pay them 50 percent UP FRONT. No one else (that I know of) does this. It is a crazy buisness model…unheard of…unless you are socially conscious and are in the buisness of making the world fair and making people whole for their work.

Here is a beautiful hand made bag I purchased there that was made in India.


Come on out this Friday, May 29th 6-9. Purchase something beautiful for yourself or a friend, and help the LGBTQ community at the same time! 

Here is a taste of what awaits you at Just Creations: 


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