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American Sniping

After making the case that Chris Kyle lied, and told lies often, I got into trouble. When faced with the truth about Chris Kyle, his fans go berserk, full on crazy town.

American Sniper Propaganda

Conservative fans of Dean Cain (yes Superman) came at me with death threats, racial, and homophobic slurs…
At first I was quite unsettled, blocked them, took screen captures and tweeted the FBI. I don’t take death threats lightly, especially in this current climate we are in where any white man may shoot a black male and walk away scot-free. Reporting and blocking didn’t seem to help however as it showed a sign of weakness to these online bullies. It only intensified the harassment. Even when I tweeted Dean Cain and his followers that this was cyber bullying and would not be tolerated-it continued. He did nothing to stop his fans from their heterosexist and racist attacks.
So I stopped blocking them, and started tweeting back. When one tweeted me homophobic slurs, I inquired as to why they kept following someone who disgusted them. Did they want a date? Were they harboring latent homosexual tendencies? This drove them insane and stopped the bullying. As usual, once you show you will fight back, bullies turn and run. My worry turned out to amount to nothing, as my adversaries in the twitter-sphere vanished as quickly as they appeared. See, you can stand your ground without a gun! IMG_1452.JPG





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