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When will it be enough?

We keep marching.
I keep praying.
We spread the word on blogs, all social media platforms, we hold town halls on CNN, we put body cameras on police.
None of these things helped Dontre Hamilton

When will we have enough? A homeless, known mentally unstable man was sleeping on a park bench, and is shot 14 times?

When will the cries of my people be heard?
How long must we march and riot before our lives matter to the police?

Jessie Williams, the actor had some brilliant things to say about white supremacy, privilege and Hollywood. His comments

I must say I agree wholeheartedly that the situation is out of control. Here we are on Christmas Eve, and I’m wrapping presents for my family and yet am enraged and full of sorrow at the same time because any member of my family can walk outside and be shot, or go shopping and be shot, or lay down on a bench and be shot 14 times.
For what?
The simple crime of being black. So forgive me if I don’t have Christmas cheer today. I am not giving up my activism. If anything the murder of Dontre means I have much more work to do. If you care at all, get involved.

The genocide will continue until we stop it. Make it known that black lives matter.




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