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The Cosby Question

Let’s cut to the chase. Bill Cosby is safe from prosecution regarding what is becoming an avalanche of sexual assault allegations. He is staying silent on all this, even going so far as to shake his head “no” when asked to simply address the allegations on NPR.

I think the issue comes down to two things here.
One, we haven’t heard from the man himself. Yes Mr. Cosby issued a statement from a lawyer. However the public needs to see him in front of a camera denying these allegations. To not address these heinous accusations to our collective faces is poor judgement on his part. Staying silent speaks volumes and has cost him his new NBC and Netflix deal. He needs to get his side of the story out. Right now he’s letting imaginations run wild as he stays quiet-not a good position to be in.

Two. I have never heard such public victim blaming of women in a long time. If this current misogyny doesn’t highlight the value of rape shield law, nothing does.

Just to remind people, when the person says no, it is rape.
It doesn’t matter if:
They are stoned.
They are drunk.
They’ve led you on.
You are inside them.
If they say stop, and you continue, you are a rapist.

Let’s continue. If they are incapacitated and cannot say yes, it is rape.
Do we understand this now? I thought this was settled, but apparently people need a refresher course. Also lets stop the slutshame please. No one can “ask for it” or “dress to be raped”. What is truly frightening is that I am seeing these comments from WOMEN blaming these alleged victims. It is a sad state of affairs all around. Cosby deserves his turn to talk in the court of public opinion, but also these women deserve to not be attacked and maligned for telling their truth. One thing is for sure, the truth will out, it always does.


4 comments on “The Cosby Question

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  2. blue rose
    November 23, 2014

    He has been given every opportunity to respond. He “settled” with one accuser years ago. Police who interviewed him at the time said he was both evasive & lying. The statute of limitations has run out on most of these cases so he will not be tried unless someone with more recent experiences with him chooses to come forward. We all must remember that celebrities & politicians only show us what they want us to see. We do not know them & have no basis to judge their character. Although we have seen Mr Cosby as a kindly, humorous, patriarch, that was only an image. He may be a sociopathic misogynistic serial rapist.

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