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This being Sunday I am reflective. I might go so far as to even say contemplative. I am interested in being a person who pushes boundaries, asks the question not asked, and gets people thinking. This sets me apart, and makes me come off as aggressive to some folk. Good. It is my intention to actually be transgressive and problematize things we have become desensitized to, that is a great way to dismantle and upset the powers that be. Social ills like white supremacy and the oppression of people of color,  white privilege, income inequality heterosexism and the subjugation of women are what I am working to diagnose and cure. Often being so out there with my political and social activism puts my intersections at cross purposes. Christianity at heart is about dissolving into the one unity of Christ. The self dies to the group. I am a Christian. I have been since I was eight years old, and  I have grown into the meaning of what that is for myself and others. Sacrificing the self for the group is what Christ models for us.

Now my activism is about acknowledging our beautiful differences that make us unique. Its is about NOT being lost in the crowd. I am concerned with giving a voice to the oppressed and making sure we not only have a seat at the table, but a big old plate and a silver knife and fork to eat with. That work is about speaking up and out for the voiceless. Focusing attention on the individual, who is being oppressed by the group.

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How do I bring these two together? Are they really at odds? Jesus tells many parables of the sheep herder leaving his entire flock of sheep to go search for the one lost, this speaks to individuality being important. Conversely there are many examples of group think in Christianity and denial of the self that I am not comfortable with. I embrace cognitive dissonance, so I can sit with these seeming contradictions and simmer. However a unity of the mind and spirit over these things would be interesting. How I can bring that about is something I am contemplating.

These are questions I am chewing on and will be discussing further as I move and grow on this life journey. What are the questions that work on your soul and mind? What are you chewing on?


2 comments on “Questions

  1. josh52190
    November 9, 2014

    Oh goodness, I am chewing on a lot of questions…Some are not so potent as I once thought them to be. Growing up in a conservative household, I have had to do a lot of independent thinking and growing on my own-in my own time, on my own terms. I had never been presented with ideas of same-sex couples adopting children until we watched “Any Day Now” (one of Steven’s movies), and until this most recent court decision, I have not felt convicted in the fight for marriage equality.

    My past theological beliefs would have told me that same-sex marriage and adoption is wrong, so I have had to take a 180, re-evaluate my beliefs and learn to reconcile those among other Christians, and really decide for myself what I think.

    As I grow older, the more I believe that Jesus calls us to act as His hands and feet. Whether that be through individual decision or assistance from the government, in my heart I give all the glory to God.

    What it boils down to , for me, is my own personal relationship with God. The most valuable thing I have learned in the past few years is that The world is not “black and white;” it is one huge gray blob. We were not put here to fix it, only He can do that…but we are here to fight for what is right, and love those whom society has looked down upon

    • thekynegro29
      November 9, 2014

      Thanks for this! I believe our understanding and then our relationship with Christianity is indeed dynamic. Life experiences and falling down, (or getting dragged down at times) shape who we become in Christ.

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