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I had hope. That is always my problem. With all my calling out the “isims” I see in folk, I still basically think people want the best for all. Yeah, even after being called nigger, and faggot to my face in my old Kentucky home, I still had that Anne Frankness about me. Ya know her thing about people at heart being generally good? Well, Louisville is the metropolitan city of KY. The blue dot in a sea of red. We have a Tony Award winning theatre, the ballet, the orchestra, the big university. It is easy to forget we live in asshat country. It is easy to believe and hope things like fairness, pay equity for women, healthcare, raising the minimum wage are important to the rest of ky too. I forgot maintaining white male dominance, keeping the poor very poor, and keeping Kentuckians living hand to mouth, stuck in a dying industry (coal) were the values the rest of the state holds close at heart. Alison Lundergan Grimes forgot as well. She believed she had a chance to make a difference. I did too. It seems stupid of me now, but I phone banked, canvased neighborhoods, spoke to people at the grocery, spread the word on social media, and even donated what little money (and I mean little) I could to the campaign. I met Grimes at a rally and told her I would be working the phones for her. I keep thinking, “what if I had worked one more hour? What if I had knocked on one more door? Spoke to one more person?” When you invest this much, it’s a personal loss. It’s a loss for Kentucky, and the nation actually for we will now have more obstruction and more attempts to repeal the healthcare act that has saved the state
Obamacare working in Ky

The loss is personal. For me, for Grimes, for Kentucky and for the nation. IMG_0506.JPG


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