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That’s So Raven

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Raven Mess

Raven Symone is not black, or gay. She’s human and lives in America…

At first I jumped all over this child on Facebook. After taking some time to simmer, (as you can see Oprah trying to simmer during the interview and NOT go in) I feel sorry for Raven.

She wants to do away with labels and be called, “American” and “Human”, which if you’re paying attention are labels… She is proud of those. I just wish she could be proud of being “Black” and “Gay”.
I get it. She, has been brought up in an entertainment industry that rewards whiteness in all shapes and forms.
The “America” she is so proud of does great work to keep whiteness at a high premium. The same can be said for heterosexuality.
So I know why she has internalized heterosexism and racism. I too struggled with that at points in my young life. It’s easy to do when the powers that be reward you for denying who and what you are, and promote assimilation at all costs.

I just wish that it wasn’t the case…
One day, soon I hope, Raven can be proud to look in the mirror and see the beautiful talented black gay woman she is.
What a role model that Raven will be.



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