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Hmm… Someone is going to claim I am over sensitive. This claim however is usually hurled by the one doing the insulting. I am sure the producers of the ABC new comedy, Blackish, aren’t considering gay people. I am sure they think black culture is indeed a monolith, and blacks are staunchly religious, conservative and (wait for it)… STRAIGHT. So Laurence Fishburne can make an offhand remark about “stretching looking gay” and that would make a funny joke for the heterosexist black community, because gay is bad, and anyone perceiving you to be possibly gay would be a terrible thing…
Well ABC. I am black, and I am queer. People of Color are intersectional you network execs. It wasn’t funny, it’s a poor joke to begin with as it harkens back to a time when being out and gay is automatically considered non masculine.
You know better ABC. I like blackish, and other than the moment you made me feel marginalized IN group…the show is smart, funny, and progressive/real. Please don’t make me stop watching this potentially great show by hurting lgbtq folk.
Yeah, I’m sensitive, I’m an artist. I have to be. However instead of victim blaming and asking me why I’m offended, ask yourself ABC why you think homophobia is funny in 2014? Or are you saying the modern black family is? Words matter.


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