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I closed the musical Purlie on Sunday. It was not lost on me that I was doing a musical that satirizes racism, economic disparity, sharecroppers and the south. The show is a reminder that freedom comes at a cost, and that black folk will always, “make do” in tough times.

The Ferguson town hall aired on PBS tonight. I was in St. Louis for a month, but with rehearsal and tech, I couldn’t go protest on the ground. My protesting had to continue to be administered by the pen. Or in this case, smartphone app…

The messages I received from both the musical Purlie, and the town hall is…

Hope. Man that word has been used to death in the past few years. However the situations keep presenting themselves that require it.
Hope is eternal. It never tires, and props us up after we’ve been beaten down by life, the police, and our own ego.

I have hope that justice will be served eventually. The wait would be unbearable if we didn’t have hope to rock us, stroke our hair and whisper to us that a change is definitely going to come. We aren’t sitting by and wishing. We are talking, writing, and marching toward hope.





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