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For Blackness



I am still numb. 

The cries of the bodies of black men call out from the other side:
SEE ME! I raise my voice to acknowledge:
Mike Brown
Oscar Grant
Trayvon Martin,
John Crawford
Mark Carson
Eric Garner
Dante Parker
Ezell Ford

I weep for them but cry out with them in anger, hurt, frustration and pain.
We are invisible to America when it comes to sharing the wealth, jobs, healthcare, and shelter.
We suddenly become visible when America needs soldiers to go die, athletes to entertain, or people to scapegoat.
Or we are simply walking down the street with skittles in our pocket brother Trayvon —Ashe

Both Trayvon Martin and Brother Mike Brown were walking… down …the street. We can’t do that I guess. It isn’t safe to be caught WWB
Walking, While Black.
Doesn’t seem to matter whether we are simply walking while black,or playing with a toy guy in the toy aisle in Walmart…we don’t belong. We are shot on site. No judge,no jury, just executed.

The new Jim Crow is: don’t exist, just try to follow the rules, you’ll be executed regardless on a whim
That may be…but
I got news for white supremacy
You can otherize, stigmatize, and demonize us,
But you won’t exterminate us. Don’t you remember how you raped our women, cut our feet off, beat us, and tried your best?
It wasn’t good enough.
We keep coming
We keep thriving
We keep rising
We WILL be seen
As human
As beautiful
As the innovators and creators that we are.
There is NO stoping blackness!
We WILL have justice


2 comments on “For Blackness

  1. Gitte Nielsen
    September 13, 2014

    Hello. This October, I will be doing a lecture on Ferguson to MA students at the University of Southern Dennark. Would you allow me to use this blog post as reading material? It’s very powerful, and it would be a different kind of read than all the generic news stories.

    • thekynegro29
      September 13, 2014


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