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Here’s the thing…

The Police in Ferguson  Missouri are so out of control that it is mind numbing. A tragic situation has blown up into such a mess that Amnesty International has become involved


According to folks on the ground reporting from Twitter, it is a nightmare. I have read about in tweets and seen pictures and vine videos of tear gas being thrown at 8 year olds, ministers being shot with rubber bullets, and a general militarized police force treating American citizens grilling barbecue like terrorists. This is insane and must come to an end.

I am bothered by many things. The fact that not only did mike brown and his life not matter to police, but black life in general in Ferguson is worthless. I am bothered that journalists are being shot and arrested. I am bothered that any sentence I type about Ferguson sounds like I am describing the actions of the KGB in Soviet Russia circa 1955. Putin must be having a ball watching this.  Blacks don’t have the right to assemble and walk down the street. This is some Jim Crow mess.

Rubber bullets and tear gas used on American Civilians? Is this another Kent State in the making? Seems it already is similar. Can YOU tell the difference between the two?

Kent state 1

8year old tear gas an 8 year old hit with tear gas in Ferguson MO-

Kent state 2

Ferguson Police

kent stae 3

Ferguson police gas mask

I am angry, and hurt that my America does this. The local police have been replaced by state troopers, and they are soon to be replaced it seems. It will make no difference. The President will have to get involved for this to come to an end it seems.

Here’s the thing: Why does black life STILL not matter? Is it because we can no longer be bought and sold at auction block that our lives no longer have meaning for the establishment? Oh I get it we aren’t a commodity anymore so we can be executed on sight? How long? How many times must we stand up and scream to be seen as equal and worthy of the basic human right to walk down the $%^&!X?& Street!

I cant believe

My heart is heavy and I am weeping with clenched fists. I am tired of seeing black mothers weeping over the bodies of their sons killed by the state. I will be in MO soon as an artist for a gig. I will do my part in standing up for Mike Brown and the lives of Black people while I am there.

Black Life Matters too.


One comment on “Here’s the thing…

  1. notmarch
    August 20, 2014

    I saw a man arrested in my neighborhood a few weeks ago, and 25 cops showed up to arrest him. TWENTY FIVE POLICE PERSONS vs. one unarmed black man. This has to stop.

    I have been depressed over this situation and the racist vitriol spewed.

    Thank you for writing. Black life matters a great deal, and it needs to be shouted from the mountaintops!

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