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The folder was purple…

The folder was not green. Even though my mother said I should be looking for a green folder. Folders were being thrown into the air as I frantically searched for my fathers medical records. Then my mother remembers, it is indeed purple.
The ambulance was enroute as I was trying to find the miscolored folder of my fathers primary care physician. Tossing my iPhone and IPad into my coach summer tote (yes hunty even in an emergency Coach is needed) I jumped into my car and fled over to the emergency room. It doesn’t hit you until you’re driving stock car racing style that no one else on the road knows or cares about your father. They plod along, like most Louisville drivers, which at that point was driving ME insane.
The diagnosis is atrial flutter. The ICD malfunctioned and put Dad in vtach His ICD was defibrillating as it was designed, except it was fooled by itself. My father was fine until it malfunctioned. Except no one tells you defib while you’re conscious feels like a million knives stabbing into your chest.
His Amiodarone drip is keeping him steady until surgery.


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