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Mork has left the building

This one hit me hard. He made me laugh as the cute alien I watched as a child. I had that strange feeling, that tingle of attraction to him in those sailor pants as Popeye. He broke my heart more than a million times in The World According to Garp,
Good Will Hunting, and other classic films.
Robin Williams could make me double over laughing, or make me see a deep part of myself. Through his interplay with light and the shadow side onscreen-he led me to open doors down in the soul basement. Yeah, I went there. Scary emotional places I had to access as an artist and a human being, became available to me due in a large part to his work onscreen. He had something special in his eyes that challenged, entertained, and also comforted.
I always wanted to tell him that. I wish I could have met him. I wanted to give him a bear hug and thank him for being pro gay before I knew what lgbtq meant. For making a little black boy laugh, a headstrong teenager yearn, a young adult question and now a grown man in my mid thirties- cry.

We love you and will miss you Robin Williams.






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