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A Tale of Two Shows…


First we take the ironically named show, “unforgettable”. CBS cancelled the show in its first season. Then they brought it back last summer to even worse ratings. Now they have brought it back for a third summer because…? They want to see exactly HOW low the ratings will get I guess?

I am just trying to figure out what kind of dirt Poppy Montgomery has on Leslie Moonves, that he lets her abysmal show continue after tanking ratings.

Unforgettable is Anything but...

However now, Halle Berry and her new show Extant (which has been leading Wednesday night) has been bumped to 10pm ET because of “falling ratings”. Now the truth is the show is bringing in 8 Million viewers, which is 2 and a half million more than Unforgettable.

CBS Ratings

The truth is that Extant premiere ADDED 2.3 million viewers.


Extant is a Spielberg/Berry project, with the pacing, dialogue, and feel of a feature film on television. Yes it is centered on the obsession Spielberg has with artificial intelligence and aliens (See Crystal Skull and A.I.)  however it also has a strong female lead of color who is intelligent (she is a scientist) and she is married. So far she is not having an adulterous affair like Olivia Pope… The story line is fresh and about something we have never seen on television before, and dealing with sensitive subject matter, (sexism, robots, race, gender, big brother) in an exciting way that doesn’t seem rote.

Representation and visibility are vital to young people of color developing a positive sense of self. They need to see themselves in television and film. I hope CBS gives the clever show with the black female lead as many chances to succeed as it has given the low rated, once cancelled white female led cop drama with a gimmick.

Time will tell.

poppy montgomery



One comment on “A Tale of Two Shows…

  1. Shahidah
    July 31, 2014

    I watched the first episode on Amazon and I will catch up with it this weekend. I Thought it had promise. I think it is difficult to judge shows in the summer because people are not in front of the television like they are in the Fall. I’ll catch up and then give my opinion but I did like the first episode!

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