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Truth, Justice, and The Metropolis Way

It has been a long day, but a day full of grace and truth.

Metropolis Illinois is a town of about 6,000 people. Or at least that’s what I was told anyway. It took a little town obsessed with the Man of Steel to marry Sarah and Kristy.

The day was bright and full of sun. I mean full like beating down hot full. A picturesque gazebo held the couple. Sarah dressed in a lovely white summer dress, and Kristy in a crisp, white dress shirt. I was standing iPhone in hand, going over the lyrics to the song I had been so graciously requested to sing…Moments before I was hunched down behind the driver of the motor coach , iPhone charging, trying to memorize the chord progression of the Dave Matthews song from one iPhone, while reading the lyrics on another. Well the song went off without a hitch, praise to God and Kal-El.

The ceremony…
Simple. Two women making the choice to love each other, and commit. In front of their daughter.

It was beautiful, and blessed. The way it should be. This is what I want every Westboro Baptist Church member to see. It’s not about marrying animals, or group sex, or whatever craziness they imagine.
It’s two people. Two adults. Making a commitment to love.
What is wrong with that?

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.






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