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Flood and Water…

I’m going on a trip.
Today I am joining the Campaign for Southern Equality. We are supporting a lovely couple who were denied their marriage license in Louisville. We are currently on our way to Metropolis Illinois where they can legally be married.

We will be crossing the Ohio river to get to the land where this couple can be recognized as equal human beings, worthy of being recognized by the state as wife and wife.

It instantly brings to mind my ancestors, slaves who were chased by dogs and guns and braved torture, rape, and unimaginable horrors to escape bondage and capture to cross the Ohio river to freedom.

Civil rights protesters getting hosed. Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.

The action went smoothly this morning. As a designated peacekeeper for the campaign for southern equality, my job is to scan the area and engage protestors if they break the wall of our perimeter. We were lucky and blessed today. No one hosed us with water or beat us. The civil rights of this lovely couple were denied, however we were not assaulted or harassed.

As we cross the Ohio river, I thank God for this day, and for the activists and clergy that are with us on this journey.






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