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The Art of Black Shaming

Such a tried and true tactic of white supremacy.

Black Millennials

Black shaming is a tactic used to disparage the character and credibility of Black people when they are targeted by others. The duplicitous nature of Black shaming is clear to most people of color. However, some members of the white privileged elite find difficulty in believing that racist and prejudicial actions still exit. These are the same people who deny white privilege, undermine affirmative action, and insist that we “move on” from slavery.

These are the folks who simply cannot be reasoned with. Despite mountains of evidence that undoubtedly prove that Black bodies perish under elaborate institutionalized schemes, Black shamers constantly accuse Black people for own misfortune. Granted, we do live in a more “progressive” society in which opportunities and programs flourish for Black benefit. However, Black shamers stigmatize these programs as atrocious examples of reverse racism.

The ignorant belief in reverse racism is particularly troubling; for it highlights misunderstanding about what racism actually is. Racism…

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