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Ah, the most dangerous of words-Politics. I know, this is your response right now…


calm yourself.

A recent discussion with a friend led me to some deep thinking. They asserted that one can take themselves out of politics. I do not see how it is possible. The friend thought it was a matter of intent. I think you may intend all you like, however we are all in the system. You cannot escape it. It is  kind of like voting, (electoral college aside) You may not like either candidate, but when you DON’T vote, you are in effect voting. There is no way to jump out of the game. Sitting out of the game is participating, by not playing, you have altered the game for everyone else, and therefore participated. We are all connected. Everything you do makes a ripple and therefore changes things. Whether you like it or not. You have an effect on politics and politics has an effect on you.

The free dictionary defines politics

One of the definitions is,  “the use of strategy or intrigue in obtaining power, control, or status.”

I find this useful, however politics also involves influence, and trying to convince others of your point of view. Everything is political. How you dress, walk, talk, speak, your vocal inflection, your race, class, gender, sexual orientation…the list goes on. Everyone has a point, and a voice, and something they want and need to communicate. Everything is propaganda, everything is political.

Here is someone who disagrees with me, and makes some good points.

Is Everything Political?

I can understand the basic premise of the argument made by Stanley Fish in the above article. His point (simplified) being that making a big statement like that, (everything is politics) doesn’t leave room for distinction between individual motives for things. They are not mutually exclusive. You can have a different motive, yet the influence, or opinion itself is still pushing an agenda, we all have one. So it would still be political.
A recent article in the Atlantic claims my generation has Political views that are completely contradictory and don’t make sense… Millennials are Crazy?

What do you think? Can you really be outside of politics? Is not participating, really NOT participating? Tell me YOUR point of view.



2 comments on “Politics

  1. notmarch
    July 15, 2014

    You cannot escape. Even if you opt out of any political thoughts or actions such as voting, or not voting, decisions are still made that affect you from the cradle to the grave. If you are under the jurisdiction of any government, you are involved in politics.Even if you live on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere USA.

    • thekynegro29
      July 15, 2014

      Agreed. It’s like saying I don’t participate in the Sun. It’s going to shine down on you regardless

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