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This is pride weekend. The time where all LGBTQ…folks skip down the yellow brick road toward militancy . This is all thanks to our Stonewall brothers and sisters who let us know it was ok to finally fight back.  Of course what started as this:

Stonewall 1

Stonewall Riot small

has now become this:

NYC pride

NYc pride 2


Progress I suppose, better to march around in your speedo or gold pumps then to have your head bashed in by the police (which is still happening btw)

Girl attacked by police at Pride

but pride it is. I have handed water out to pride marchers in NYC and it was a treat and a miracle I did not contact mono from kissing half of the male population of NYC that day. The participants are so happy to get a cup of water, they get REAL friendly, and this water bearer did not mind in the least. 😉 However I am getting off track. Pride is something you can feel, and comes over you when you have your agency, your power back. The voice to say what is right for you, what you stand for, and what you want in life, and the drive to get it.

These are all a part of what pride means to me. I was thinking of this lately when I marched in the local pride parade in my current town. I happened to be marching with my Baptist church which has just voted to affirm same sex marriage. Yes you read that correctly. That was an emotional day, as a gay couple (church members)  getting married soon, marched holding hands in front of our church banner. What a difference a church makes…

I was thinking of pride and agency lately when I was offered a pretty good writing gig that I had to eventually turn down. An established blog, wanted me to post news summaries, with no commentary, for a pretty good sum per blurb. I tried, and tried, but I simply could not write a news item, without including cultural criticism, or an item that intersected with issues brought up by the news item. I have too much pride, too much of an artistic voice to write without cultural context. I had to politely turn the gig down. Some may call it stupid, but it was what I had to do.  As a fellow artist friend and former colleague I hold dear reminded me this weekend, “At our age, we know what we want to do, and what we do not want to do, and when that voice says, “NO”, we must listen to it.

Pride comes in many forms, and though we are told  it comes before a fall, I believe pride used correctly can affirm, support, and carry you through to your blessing.

March on my queer family,

March on my fellow people of color,

March on artists, and weirdos, and outcasts.

Let your pride, and self worth continue to make you shine!




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