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When no one is listening…

I am confused. Jewish people have been through hell. The persecution, and anguish their race has suffered over thousands of years is cataloged in the Bible, and for non believers, the Nazi party was kind of enough to document all of their sick, sadistic torturing/extermination techniques they practiced upon the Jewish people. Their pain is all to familiar. Jewish people know all to well the hurt felt by minority groups under oppression. So I find it baffling that in recent news, two different generations of Jewish folk find it cool to denigrate and demean two other minority groups. Now first let me say that obviously two people who happen to be Jewish do not represent the mindset of the entire race. Let me just throw that out there before I am attacked regarding generalizations. I am aware Jewish people are no monolith. However it is interesting to take note.

Donald Sterling. By now you have heard what he said. If you do not know watch this youtube clip which has a transcription of the conversation.

In it he expresses the culture of racism that he seems to accept and that he wants his girlfriend to understand. It is simply bizzare to be dating a black woman, own a mostly black team, and have these racist and segregationist views.  As some have pointed out, it is like the plantation masters who were racist to the core, but would rape their black female slaves. However as Oprah said, ” We are off the Plantation.”

Now normally when a celebrity mouths off and says something crazy, their PR team is all over trying to do damage control. Issuing apologies and retraction etc. Well Sterling tried with Anderson Cooper, but just ended up blaming others for “baiting him” into the racist comments…

oh, ok, so you do not say segregationist and racist statements until you are prompted? hmmm.

Even worse, after a tacit apology, he then doubles down and then oddly becomes aggressive and starts victim blaming Magic Johnson and screaming about AIDS. Which is not even correct. Johnson has HIV, not AIDS.

How does this Jewish man find it ok to marginalize, demonize, and criticize minority groups? He thought no one was listening. He thought he was in a private conversation. When he thought only his black girlfriend was listening, it all came out.

Jonah Hill. Well well. This talented fellow thought it was cool to throw out “Suck my Dick,  Faggot” as an insult to a photog who was following him. It rolled off his tongue pretty quickly. This suggests it is not the first time he has said it.  It is clearly queued up in his lexicon and ready to go at a moments notice. What is funny is how quickly Jonah Hill talks about being a gay rights activist? Really? Yet you are so quick to use the slurs made to hurt LGBTQ community against a stranger? Scary thing about HIll is that unlike Sterling, Hill KNEW he was in public, and being followed by cameras, so he did not give a flying fig that the world would hear him use this anti gay language. Think about that.

I suppose he was “baited” as well…

I am so glad both these men purport to be activists. Sterling was to receive an award form the NAACP until this happened. Hill had this to say about his comments.  They would serve themselves well to maybe, oh I don’t  know, refrain from having the mindsets of the enemies of the people they supposedly advocate for? You know, maybe stay away from calling people “faggot” if you are for the advancement of the LGBTQ community?


Lets move onto a non Jewish white person who said something race crazy when they thought no one was listening- Justin Bieber and his latest mess.  You can read about it in the link. However what is so tired about both Hill and Bieber is the classic response any sexist, racist, homophobic person gives to critique of their crazy:

“but some of my best friends are ______”

fill in the blank with the minority group they just insulted.

Hill uses the anti gay slur and goes on and on about how he is a gay rights activist and has many gay friends. Bieber was mentored by a famous black artist Usher. Also uses the friends defense.

FYI: Bieber was discovered by Usher who ran when asked about these comments by Justin.

Dear white people. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let racism go. Everyone is equal to you. STOP IT.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. it never has and it never will”

– Frederick Douglass

donald sterling

Jonah Hill





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