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When you call her an idiot, she wins.

First of all ann hornaday was correct. Of course films like the heterosexist, white privilege laden Neighbors contribute to a culture of self entitlement and sexual expectations for young white men. Second, I was amused and yet angered by the SethRogan and JuddApatow response to call a woman who DARE criticize them “misinformed and idiotic”. LOL I only laugh because she calls their work misogynist, then they call her stupid and an idiot… Proving her point that they think women are stupid. Ad hominem attacks usually reveal you don’t have a logical case for your rebuttal. If Jud or Seth had an actual argument to defend their film, they wouldn’t need to call her an idiot. Hornaday lays out a logical, solid case for her points. They could lay out a solid case for why her interpretation was wrong if they had a point. They can’t. So they resort to name calling. How fratboy of them…




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