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Tom Cruise is over

According to some insiders, his leading man status is finished. Tom Cruise

His movies have failed to recoup domestically in general for a while. The once Megawatt star has tarnished his glow by couch jumping,Image

and scientology thumping,


and has slid his once 80slicious way OUT of our hearts. We all remember why we loved him to begin with:

Tom Cruise at his best: Risky Business Goodness

Tropic Thunder

But with his star fading, WHO has taken his place? Hugh Jackman? Neil Patrick Harris? Idris Elba?

Will Smith at one point had a run at replacing Tom as Americas Male Sweetheart, however he ruined that with (oddly enough) embracing Scientology as Cruise has, and trying to annoyingly force the stardom of his son upon us. Smith seems to not be able to understand some things:

1. We do not like Jaden Smith.
2. Jaden Smith is a terrible actor.
3. Jaden Smith needs some humility.

The reason we loved Will on Fresh Prince was that we could see his naïveté hiding behind the buffoonery and brashness. Let me know who we think the new Tom Cruise is. Let me tell you who it is not:

It is NOT Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, or Robert Pattinson


2 comments on “Tom Cruise is over

  1. notmarch
    May 24, 2014

    I hope it’s Idris Elba. Love him!

    • thekynegro29
      May 24, 2014

      ME TOO!

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