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12 Ways To Avoid Saying Hi To Someone In The Hall

Yes lol

Thought Catalog

I’ll admit that, no, it wouldn’t be that hard to say “Hello” or “How are you” when I see you at school. We wouldn’t even have to stop and chat; it’s perfectly acceptable not to break stride on the way to class or the library. A simple acknowledgment would probably suffice.

But when I see you at the opposite end of the hallway heading toward me, making eye contact with you and initiating a greeting seems like the worst thing IN THE WORLD. It’s not rational, but I’m going to avoid you with such effort that, applied to school, might have gotten me onto Law Review. These are things I’ve chosen to do instead of say “Hi” to you:

1. Tie my shoe. Shit, I’m wearing flats. Adjust my flats.

2. Become extremely interested in the brick masonry on the sidewalk.

3. Say hello to the only classmate who isn’t…

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