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This blog entry is different kids. No links, do you own homework today and google on your own. No one topic, I’m jumping around today and have a LOT to say. So hold on.

First of all just to get this out of the way, Michael Keaton is Batman. Period. End of discussion.
Ok, so I lied. ONE link. Kill me.

Second, can we discuss how awesome it is that Nicole Kidman has stopped the Botox treatments and can wrinkle her forehead again? There has been an uptick in memes around the net showing her current natural (or more so) face. I am living for it and so happy for her. Keith Urban seems to be bringing back our old Days of Thunder Nicole. That’s awesome. She’s always been a great actress, but it’s good to have her face back and sans Scientology spunk.

Kim Basinger. She’s very private. She stays out of the media. The fact that Alec Baldwin is insane, foot in mouth, attack people, drive his bicycle up the street the wrong way, leaving terrible voice mails for his daughter calling her a pig, all out crazy-helps Basinger to appear even more sane and like a saint. She could be a lunatic, but the fact she has grace under pressure, and stays silent, is wisdom. I appreciate this. I also appreciate how fierce she looks at her age. Not to objectify her anymore than we already do movie stars, but mama is gorgeous and I love it.

The Tony awards…great white way. Lots of roles for white people, lots of white women nominated…yawn. Yes you will single out Audra and James Monroe Iglehart. Hmmm she’s the infamous heroin addicted tragic black mulatto trope. (It’s a device people Billie doesn’t actually have to BE mulatto for the device in the personage of Audra to be used)
Then Iglehart is the (you guessed it) magical negro genie slave. Literally chained into a bottle wearing manacles.
Just wish blacks were cast in roles with more agency, and then rewarded for those roles. Let’s make NEW tropes!

Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on TV, and conservative heads exploded. I mean, it’s been hashed and rehashed over and over again in the media. So I won’t go into it in depth. However it is not surprising to me we are so far behind. Rights for women, and minorities in general are being repealed. The right is very upset and will continue to be. They are haters of agency, Sam has it and they are pissed.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. It’s a fools errand and a total political game. Bush had 60 Americans diplomats die under his watch, and the GOP didn’t care.

Steep you soul TM- my Venti Oprah Chai Latte is trademarked, and gives me an invite from the Queen of all media herself. ” Teavana and Oprah invite you to take a few moments to pause and reflect each day. Your own personal steep time.” I am enjoying the small sweetness of this drink, and the taste actually takes me back to a long ago felt sense of self and peace.
No, I am not a paid endorser of Starbucks…









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