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The Journey

A friend invited me on a journey. They stretched their hand out and beckoned me to join them in a dream. It was a shared vision of hope, and magic and our passion to bring the dream to fruition flared. I had every reason to believe the friend was equally devoted to bringing our dream to term. In the middle of our travel, my friend changed destinations without telling me. As we traveled further and further from each other intention wise, while moving side by side in stride, something was lost. The dream dimmed, and our journey became hard. The road is rough when you and your partner aren’t on the same path anymore. I could no longer pretend we had the same destination-when the bearings were off, and the once straight and true road became twisted, dark, and steep. Going through motions, we tried to continue on, even though it was obvious we had different ending points. We stopped moving.
We faced each other.
We spoke our truth.
We embraced our new paths, away from each other.
Moving forth in love, and apart, I can hear my call.
Never forget your calling. That soft voice of the deep that speaks your heart,
Your soul,
Your harvest.
The home inside is calling you to return.



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