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Too touchy

We’ve made it! Racism is over declares the Supreme Court, a biracial man is president (notice Mr. Obama needed to run as black, not half white).

The blatant expressions of racism or disobeying of federal law is over according to Justice Roberts…

I guess he hasn’t seen or heard of Paula Deen, Donald Sterling, or the host of other dangerous racists, (some now with guns) who now murder black men on sight.

So the declaration that America is post race, and everything is copacetic is clearly problematic at least, and a flat out lie at best.

Sure, you don’t often see burning crosses in front yards anymore, (now racists use nooses for signs)

Deen, Sterling, and nooses aside, what most people of color face today is microaggression.

Instead of the cross burning in my yard, or separate clothing stores for “Colored”, what I get is the smirk from the white blonde woman behind the jewelry counter, who suggests to me, “You might want to see the watches over here, they’re on special discount.” Or for example, the teacher who seeing me as the only black student in his AP English class in high school on the first day of school asked me, “Are you in the right class?”
Language that states in a subtle way, but with the same venom, you don’t belong here, you aren’t wanted.

Recently in conversations I’ve been told I’m too touchy. I need to have a bigger sense of humor. So when I get angry over Lupita Nyong’o being praised for a performance that undergirds and supports white supremacy…

Understand I am not speaking to her acting talent. It is superb. My problem with the fascination and objectification white audiences have perpetrated upon Lupita is just that, the glamorization of victimization. A focus of the majority white AMPAS, rewarding a black woman who is raped, and raped, and raped, and beaten and raped, and seen as pitiful and to be rescued onscreen. In other words, they get to satisfy their racist, sexual power rape fantasy, AND pat themselves on the back for being the white savior in the form of Brad Pitt. The black woman has ZERO agency. This is Donald Sterling’s wet dream.

So when I am told I am too touchy, or she won an Oscar, what do I want…
That’s more racial microagression, little hits that suggest I shut up. Stop speaking up and out about our representation, and victimization over and over onscreen and in popular culture. Films like The Help, 12 Years a Slave, do critically well, whereas a movie like, “The Butler” doesn’t get as many Oscar nods because it is about black people with agency.

I am touchy about racism. We all should be. Let’s all get touchy about it. Maybe then we can touch the center of it and finally deal with it as a country.








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