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Here we go again

Ah the policing of women’s bodies by white men. It never ends. They just can’t seem to get over the fact that, (as Oprah so eloquently put it in reference to Donald Sterling and his insane comments) we are indeed “off the plantation.” Oprah

So blogger Matt Walsh has a beef with Beyonce. In his misogynist manifesto he attempts to slut shame, body police and silence the feminist/provocateur because her lyrics to the song Partition, don’t measure up (in his authoritative opinion) to the “beauty and joy” of something like the Song of Solomon…

Misogynist Matt Walsh blog entry

I’m not kidding. He compares pop music in 2014 to a sexual chapter in the collected writings of men thousands of years ago. I can’t make this up.

He actually calls Beyoncé
“Stupid”, he also claims she “sexually degraded herself”. He is referring to the MTV performance where she GASP expressed sexual attraction to none other than her HUSBAND. This goes back to the power of black bodies in art and culture. There are hundreds of articles on this. White power systems first used black bodies as chattel, and they haven’t quite gotten over it. The practice of policing black women and their sexual expression flared up in recent times of Janet Jackson’s nipple remember? Janet was demonized and Justin Timberlake who ripped her cup off and exposed her naked breast on live television-escaped unscathed. Janet was thrown completely under the bus.

Janet Jackson breast drama.

Policing Black Women’sSexuality

This white, cis-gendered male thinks he has the authority and the right and the place to tell Beyoncé her words are stupid and that she has no artistic integrity.

Mr. Walsh can sit ALL the way down. Take a seat sir.
1. You seriously need to educate yourself on the patriarchy of the biblical world and the heavy objectification of women as simple sex objects created simply for mans sexual pleasure in that writing you so love, the Song of Solomon.

2. Beyoncé is a feminist. Not because she has written some dissertation, (though she has written a few great statements on herself and her journey)
she is a feminist because she says she is, and because she has agency and owns her sexuality. It is not yours to debate or degrade.

3. Beyoncé is a mother and a wife. She is also a grown woman, she is 32 years old. To compare her to Miley Cyrus who is 21 is absurd. Apples and Oranges my friend. Not that you get to shame Cyrus either. I am not a fan of Cyrus, however I would never deny her agency or her feminist credentials. She is in control of herself from all appearances, and she gets to do what she wants. You have no place in their sexual expression.

Beyoncé article
Beyoncé on Gender Equality

Crunk Feminist Collective on Beyoncé

The reason I am even giving Mr. Walsh the time of day is because his insulting, women hating, slut shaming rant got over 10THOUSAND shares.
Apparently there are a whole lot of people who agree with Mr. Walsh.

So clearly we have a lot of work to do fellow feminists and people who think women shouldn’t be shamed about having sexual desire for their husbands…

I wonder how many people will share this blog post…
Do you agree?



4 comments on “Here we go again

  1. notmarch
    May 1, 2014

    Interesting, I actually read his blog after it was written as some of my Christian family values friends on FB posted it. I laughed when I read it. Too bad Beyoncé is laughing all the way to the bank and making her own business decisions. Hope she paid him no heed, as it would diminish her power as a woman and an artist.

    • thekynegro29
      May 1, 2014

      I don’t even think she is aware of his foolish behind. She’s got checks to cash and feminist articles to write. I thought it was of note for how many people shared his article. That was troubling to me. I am sure my blog post supporting a feminist won’t get 10 thousand shares…
      Guess you’re only popular if you tear a black woman down.

  2. Alphaeus Green, Jr.
    May 12, 2014

    I’ve always found the sanitization of Song of Solomon to be hilarious. I imagine Walsh didn’t read chapters 3,4, or 5 with all those references to oral sex (cunny AND felly! I just made up those nicknames. We’ll see how those take off). You’re right. Walsh is way off base with his slut shaming. Especially since we’re talking about a married mother whose songs are about sex with one partner. How is that an issue? His post was so ridiculous because the one valid point he had (Beyoncé’s lyrics are often stupid) isn’t a point worth making. I mean… pop singers lyrics are often dumb. Duh, that’s part of what makes their music widely accessible.

    • thekynegro29
      June 2, 2014

      Yup. Amen to everything you said AJ. To compare a modern Pop song to Song of Solomon is ludicrous, but what is ironic is that if Matt Walsh could read and comprehend, SOS is dirty as hell. It is basically the “Partition” of its day. Just like Beyonce and her songs, SOS is about erotic desire between married folks…or so our modern white washing of the Bible tells us. Some biblical scholars question the groom and bride translations…

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