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The Truth

What is core for you? On this weekend of Easter, where we Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, I am moved to think of my core. No, not abs, the centrality of my being. The bottom line, the foundation. To borrow from Oprah, “what I know for sure”.

Here are some things that are central to me.

I believe in goodness. I think we should try to be kind to each other. I fail at this often, due to the ego and succumbing to small self, but it is a life long practice. So I continue to try.

I believe in standing up to the oppressor, for myself and for others I see suffering who need support. For my intersections, that centers on people of color, and the LGBTQ community. I am also a feminist. I believe a sense of agency is vital for growth and happiness.

I love people. I love listening to people and helping them process, and work out things through discussion. I could easily be a therapist (but for the education LOL) simply because I love listening to people and help them figure out for themselves what they want. This involves simply listening, and asking them open ended questions, and letting them talk it through. I might inject a question, or suggest alternatives, but when I listen, I try not to tell them answers, just ask more questions. It is for them to decide what their path is.

My artistry is important to me. Self expression creates biofeedback for me that is delicious. I have moved from simply an interpreter, a vessel for a director, to a creator. My words, and poetry speak my truth. Singing and acting and dance have and will always be home to me, writing is now an added feather in my cap. (It is becoming my favorite slowly however) 🙂

I firmly know we need to help each other. This current climate of every man for himself has brought the world to ruin. Selfishness and greed brings everyone down. We all fall down together. However if we help each other we can all succeed together too.

Friendships, late night conversations, movie nights, long walks on the coast on tour, these times with loved ones rekindle my spirit and bring me close to the universal truth of love. Love for myself and for others. Remember your love, cherish it, and take care of it in others. In the end friendship is all we have to express the Love of God to each other.

Hug people often,
Scold sparingly,
Laugh more

More core truths to come. Reflect on yours and comment!


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