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When Does the Wind Change for you?

Mary Poppins famously says she only will stay, “until the wind changes”. It’s a line that has always stayed with me since I saw the film as a child. When has the wind changed for you in your life? When have you known it was time to leave? Time to leave the marriage, skip town, quit the job, burn the bridge, whatever. I think the direction of the wind is important. Once you open that umbrella and ride the breeze to a new place like Mary Poppins, you must be aware of the direction the wind is taking you. We don’t have the magic carpet bag Mary had that produced whatever she needed for wherever she landed. We must use our wits and struggle. So knowing when to leave is important, but knowing where to land and where you’re going is also of note.
Tell me when you felt the wind change. Did you leave? Did you stay even though the wind was calling your name? What happened when you stayed?
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