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Who knows? Who knows you, more than anyone else? Who knows where all the bodies are buried so to speak in your life? Have these people changed? To be known is a wonderful thing, a mysterious, coveted position. To be known is to be in community. To be in community is to be understood, cared for, and missed when you are not there. To know people miss your presence if life affirming. It reminds you of your impact on others, and that your contribution means something to them.

Remember to not take for granted those who know you. This doesn’t always mean people who have known you the longest period of time by the way. Sometimes those people know an idea of you, or the you from 15 years ago. You know the difference, think on it and the people who really know you will come to mind.

Cherish these folk, they are your foundation, and will undergird you when the cracks in your foundation begin to make themselves known.

Embrace the ones who love and know you. Release the hangers on who won’t get on board. These people might come back to you, but for now they are dead weight and must be released for your health and growth to occur.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

-Lao Tzu


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