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God is Not Dead

I went to see the film. It was a mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have known that what was disguised as an intellectual debate between a student and a professor on the subject of God, would be a hot pile of steaming, triflin’ mess.

The movie was produced by Pure Pure Flix Flix, which is a Christian film production company headquarter in Arizona. That should have been all the information I needed to know that I was not the intended audience for this long commercial for the Newsboys Christian group disguised as a film. First the movie stars Kevin Sorbo as a caricature of an Atheist. I mean complete cartoon. He is angry, bitter, yelling, screaming and wears condescension like a badge of honor. I expected tiny horns to come out of his head. Ok you get the picture now. The film actually starts out with this professor commanding his class to sign a piece of paper that states God is Dead, and sign their name. Not only is this ludicrous, but it’s illegal. There is no way any state would allow that to happen. Unless the state didn’t know what was going on, that is to say unless no one complained. This is not the premise that the film presented, the professor was infamous on campus for making his students do this. So starting the film with an impossible premise, sort of set me up for the disaster this film was going to be.

It went on to an embarrassing racist stance. Every ethnic minority had no agency, and the protagonist of the movie was an Abercrombie looking white boy. A white supremacist dream. The American black male character was a thug, who introduced his name laced with ebonics so thick I can’t remember what he said. Something akin to my name is minizzle thug fizzle…It was so ridiculous that I can’t even remember it. Then there was an uneducated, but beautiful and “exotic” (as described by the egotistical professor) who had a Cinderella complex and worshipped her atheist partner. It wasn’t about these characters, but they were side stories.

The worst offense was the islamaphobia. There was a Muslim girl, wearing a Hijab. Her father was depicted as an oafish, backwards brute. Of course the daughter was secretly listening to Christian scriptures, on her iPod. When her father found out, he beat her, threw her down the stairs and kicked her out of the house. The racist caricature of the ignorant Muslim man was therefore complete. I wanted to walk out. I only stayed because I wanted to be able to see if maybe the film had some redeeming value, and tried to paint a full picture of this Muslim man.

It did not.

The Christian band Newsboys, are heavily featured all over the movie. Posters, shirts characters are wearing, etc. Long story short, a godless ambush journalist (another caricature played by Trisha La Fache) is stricken with cancer. No doubt this is because she is atheist and is being punished…anyway she goes to confront this Christian band right before they go onstage, they turn her with love and pray for her godless soul…


Also cut to Kevin Sorbo being hit by a car, flipping into the air and landing on his back. A minister baptizes him while he is dying on the street…

Then cut to Dean Cain, yes Superman playing a total jerk devoid of emotion who has abandoned his insane mother in a nursing home, and won’t go to see her. More on Dean in a later post…

Oh and let me throw in that Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is in the movie, and gets his turn to shine and defend his homophobic ways..

I cannot repeat enough how ridiculous this movie is. It angers me as a Christian to watch this movie, because it is exactly why people hate us. This vision of Christianity that is only for white straight people basically, or folks who want to be white and straight, is the issue. I have a more scholarly analysis of this film to post later, but this rambling post is my first earnest response.





2 comments on “God is Not Dead

  1. Did we see the same movie? Maybe you just need to see the movie again. You re misrepresenting much of it. Including the scene where the Muslim father takes his daughter down the stairs. He does NOT throw her down the stairs. Let’s at least be honest when describing scenes

    • thekynegro29
      April 7, 2014

      HA! Are you kidding me in correcting me on this islamaphobic trash? He finds out she is listening to a Christian scripture, slaps her across the face as hard as he can, and he’s a big man, grabs her arm and throws her out of the house, slamming the door in her face. You want to quibble over whether his grabbing her arm and forcing her out of the house after he slaps her face can be considered “throwing”? You’re defending this pathetic racist caricature of Islam? You’re ridiculous. Go take a seat please. NEXT!

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