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Ok another SJP post. Sarah Jessica Parker. She is every Midwestern woman, and gay boys dream. Why? She was born in Nelsonville Ohio. a town with about 6 thousand people in it, moved to Cincinnati, then onto NYC, where she became a Broadway star, and then a television icon, and then a movie star. The Cinderella story. Small town girl makes good. She is Peggy Sawyer in real life, that is why women love her. The dream of being able to escape your small town life, with ignorant people doubting your dreams, and go to the big city and take it over and become the darling of couture designer fashion houses. That is why she is every gay boys dream.

However the meat of this post for me was looking at a screen grab from her first SATC movie. I have included it here as the bottom of these photos beneath this text. What is it about her face that transmits beauty? It’s symmetrical which is a classic sign of what we find beautiful. Her face has that symmetry and it radiates a sense of beauty. She also believes she is beautiful, so we do too. She has a problemizing non traditional face, which is actually a tiny bit of activism. Maybe that’s why I like her so much. She took what she was given, and made her image glamorous. I love it, that kind of moxie and her.

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