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Denny’s. It seems to be my go to when I am confused by a film. The comfort food is good for the soul, bad for the waist, and great for my cognitive function. I’m at the diner again, after I’ve seen a movie I can’t sort out. I just saw Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It is kafkaesque, in aesthetic. The film is very fatalistic and dreary, in tone, color, and pitch. Yet the acting brings much to life. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT STOP READING….

Ok we good? I don’t know what the hell I just saw. This is becoming a theme suddenly. Nothing I have seen on film or stage since Nebraska has been satisfying. I don’t know if it is me or the work I am seeing. Can someone explain why there are so many dark films coming out of America right now? The economy is recovering, yes it’s slow but jobs ARE being added monthly. So why the depression? Anywho, if you’ve seen the movie, is Adam (jake) insane? His mother hints at his third rate actor fantasy so that suggests it’s a dream a la fight club. No one sees the pregnant wife but him, so she could just not exist. His girlfriend sleeping with his double is troublesome though, unless she isn’t real either. Also the stripping eyes wide shut like event with the spider under the woman’s heel about to be killed? What was that? Then there is the final shot- the pregnant spiderwoman…
Look, I am fine with things not being linear and metamorphosis is a favorite story of mine. Life isn’t fair. I receive that. I live that actually. Or rather life has taught me that lesson tenfold as a queer person of color. However this tale seemed to be leading up to a conclusion we could understand. In other words it’s like a mystery that builds traditionally, promises to reveal it’s secrets, then withholds everything at the big finish. The big reveal is…nothing, because they keep it a secret. That’s insanely frustrating. I know it’s a David Cronenberg film, which explains the grotesque sections, however he brought us closure with The Fly. Enemy is an enigma.



2 comments on “Enemy

  1. Craig Wheeler
    March 29, 2014

    Movie’s are insanely depressing lately (Gravity, WOWS, Dallas Buyers Club, all had a grit and edge about them) also it comes as no surprise that Jake Gyllenhal starred in a Movie that has no answer. See, Donny Darko or any romantic comedy he’s made since. Just kidding, but honestly the trend towards dark films these days is truly baffling, one can only hope that producers see some sort of light. Who know’s though, guess we will have to wait and see.

    • thekynegro29
      March 29, 2014

      Oh I’ve seen pretty much all of Jakes work. He routinely chooses dark projects. Yeah there is a prevailing darkness in tone I hope lifts. Check the movie out though, it’s a mindtrip

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