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The Vogue problem

Recently Kanye West and his partner Kim Kardashian were asked by Vogue to pose as cover models. Then the internet exploded. The comments ranged from people laughing at them, to people laughing at them and being vicious. Why is it funny that two famous people were asked to pose on the cover of Vogue? A superstar rapper, and mogul and fashionista no less? OHHHHH Right, I keep forgetting, people of color do not get to do these things, and when we do, it is seen as a joke by the white supremacist media. Vogue has had a history of not being too keen on putting POC on their covers, and when they do, it is generally questionable as to their intent: Vogue?

So finally you have Vogue stepping up, and producing a lovely, affirming image of people of color in love, one in a high fashion dress and the cover gets attacked from popular culture. First there is a very suspicious “open letter” supposedly from Victoria Beckham. Unless she has lost her mind, it truly could not be from her. Being this openly racist could not be her best PR move. People writing articles about her supposed open letter even say that putting Kanye and his love on the cover proves that American Vogue, “does not matter anymore”…WOW, really? Putting black people on your cover proves the worthlessness of your publication???

I find that very interesting since black bodies have been used and abused by popular culture to advertise and sell everything from soup to nuts to shoes to butter…




So it seems it is ok to use blacks as your front man as long as it is not selling luxury? As long as it is not anything you aspire to?  Interesting. I mean the ever liberal james franco got into mocking Kanye again also. He has a particular hate hard on for Kanye. Franco also made a mockery of Kanye and his relationship with Kim in this video. James Franco



then the muppets jumped on board, which is subversive, because it makes the micoagression seem ok. Well the muppets are doing it so it must be funny. Mocking minorities is not funny.


Am I being too sensitive? FIrst I take offense at that statement as it is the first thing a bully says to their victim. “Oh come on it was a joke, you are taking things to seriously” the bully says as they punch their victim in the face. No. I am not taking things too seriously. By the way I am not even a fan of Kanye except for his collaboration with Estelle: American Boy

I do not own a single album of his. I also do not watch Kim Kardashian or her reality show. What I know for sure is they are famous and have every right and place being on the cover of Vogue as any white person. Kim is a fashion plate. Women actually try to dress like her, and she has a fashion line, that alone earns her the spot on the cover of Vogue. Movie stars and singers grace the cover all of the time. What is terrible about all this vitriol is that it is not a crticism of Kanye as an artist, or Kim as a celebrity, that would be semi valid. It is the nasty, race based critique that they do not belong on the cover. When you start analyzing why someone would say that, it comes down to race. So in the post racial America (feel the eye roll please), Dr. West is right- race matters.




2 comments on “The Vogue problem

  1. Tony Weaver
    March 28, 2014

    I think everyone sees there relationship as a business transaction. I mean, Kim was previous with Chris Humphries and it was a joke. So I understand where you are coming from, I totally see why this could be a race issue. However, I believe it’s mostly people not taking them seriously. That being said, I think they’re perfect for each other. It seems to me they’re both full of themselves. Honestly I think some people are jealous. Sure, there are plenty of different people that could have been on that cover, but Kimye is the most provactive, most popular couple out there. If anything this is what Vogue wanted. Attention. It certainly happended. It’s the popular couple getting slammed because they are popular.

    • thekynegro29
      March 28, 2014

      Oh I agree vogue wants attention and they want to sell magazines. My issue in particular also concerns James Franco making Kim Kardashian an overweight hairy man (rogan) twice. She doesn’t measure up to a woman I guess to him…
      Then pop culture making her a pig with the muppets? Just seems like a long hate parade on Kim and Kanye. Race is certainly a factor in this, if not the factor. Yes their popularity brings haters, but not this vitriolic hate set on level 10.

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