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Trouble on My Mind

So I’m on my way back to Louisville soon. As fortune has it, my mother has cancer again… It first sprang up during the week of my thesis defense. That time was insane as I was in the hospital room feeding her ice chips, wiping her head, and telling jokes to keep her spirits up, all the while running back to my iPad to put the finishing touches on my thesis. However this blog is not about me. My mother is one of those selfless people. Like truly selfless. When she got the diagnosis that there was a cancerous mass in her bladder, she closed her eyes and thought about how she will have to miss her hours volunteering  on the switch board at her church. Yeah…It is always the good ones who get the big C it seems. Villains, trouble makers, and thieves seem to go unscathed. Last time I walked around the hospital and spoke to some other patients while my father took a shift on ice chip patrol, and everyone on the floor were upstanding members of the community. Deacons, Volunteer stars, charitable givers, all doers of good deeds. All these people who make society better, fighting Cancer. It makes you think.

Cancer. The big C. In military terms, it is a foe she has battled before and overcome. Last time was May of 2013. So her body, like a soldier knows the enemy and has strategy regarding how to cope. The surgeon is extremely optimistic, and says it will not be a long surgery. I pray, make her laugh over the phone, and realize I am not ready for her to leave. I have not even let my mind go there. I have been working my best from 8 hours away to send funny cards, call her and sing to her, send stuffed bear animals, anything to put a smile on her face, in the feeble hope that laughter releases endorphins which helps your immune system. We have all heard the laughter is good medicine message, and I know there is science on this.

The Science on this. 🙂

Any and all good thoughts, even from all you lovely people, out there in the dark, (thank you Norma), are greatly appreciated. Namaste.


2 comments on “Trouble on My Mind

  1. Craig Wheeler
    March 14, 2014

    Hey man, throwing some good Karma your way! Hope your Mom beat’s this!

    • thekynegro29
      March 16, 2014

      Thank you!

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