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Enough. Seriously. All games are over, no joking, ENOUGH with the snow. Especially after we get teased with a warm week for the region. Let me inform you a warm week for Buffalo equals temperatures above freezing. If it is 34 for more than a day, its a heatwave. I would like to tell you that is a joke. It is not. This morning it took me 35 minutes to dig my car out of the icecube it was encased in. This was also due to the fact the city of Buffalo plowed the streets. This sounds like a great thing, except when your car is parked on the street and it becomes packed in and shoved to the curb by the city plows… this is not my car, yet it could be as this was the exact state of my car today.

It has snowed since Thanksgiving. I know, I know, move to Florida you say. Just because I dont think it should snow four months straight, does not mean I should be expelled from the state. Longtime Buffalo residents who belong to the choir I sing with also say this is more like the winters of old in this town. They say it has not snowed this much in a long time. I believe them. Ill take the veterans at their word. Image


3 comments on “Buffalo

  1. Craig Wheeler
    March 14, 2014

    Amen, It’s been a ridiculous winter, honestly this last little bit has got me thinking “Move to Florida” just a little bit. Then I think, nah I hate mosquito’s.

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