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Black Girls

Quevanzhane wallis is starring as Annie. Academy Award winning actor Jamie Fox is starring as Daddy Warbucks, with a new name. Apparently Annie needs to stay white, because the Internet went crazy over this trailer: Annie

I’ve seen comments saying “Quevanzhane sounds like Cher Autotune fail.” I’m a singer I am not a huge Autotune fan. However it is the industry standard and is used on Broadway regularly. Autotune history
Oh and before you watch my video comments, remember this?
The Onion
It’s ALWAYS time to come for black girls it seems. I use an offensive word in this video because someone else used it and I am quoting them.
My video thoughts :



2 comments on “Black Girls

  1. Tony
    March 7, 2014

    Sadly, it’s an industry standard and the trailer was exciting to see. It looks like it will be good possibly great, however, where I have an issue is with Jamie Foxx. I don’t he’s old enough to be Daddy Warbucks, but also with the revamp maybe they are trying to make Daddy Warbucks into a young entrepreneur which I guess is alright, sometimes I just don’t believe Jaime Foxx though, he seems like he’s always winking at the audience.

    • thekynegro29
      March 13, 2014

      Jamie is an oscar winning actor. I’m
      sure he will be just fine.

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