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But pardon me, I transgress

Today is Ash Wednesday as you know if you are a follower of TheWay
and for a queer black male, it is powerful and intersectional. I recognize the first day of Lent, the season of reflection and penance. However as a gay male, with a rainbow Obama sticker on the backside of his IPad Air, there is a supposed transgressive act in identifying as Gay and Christian. As far as society goes these two things cannot coexist. My existence problemizes the status quo in the religion and promotes discussion. When I walk around with the sign of the cross on my head in ashes and people see the back of my iPad, I get double takes. People have actually come up to me and asked questions. I absolutely love the chance on most days to queervangelize (I created that one ;-p) and explain how I can love God, be a full Christian, AND have romantic relationships with men. It is the reason I am a More Light Presbyterian.
I say most days I love the chance to explain myself to folks who don’t think I can be a part of Gods Kingdom, because sometimes I don’t. Having to explain ones self all the time can suggest I am unacceptable and need explaining, which can get tiring. Having to educate every single person I come across can take its toll. The psychological stress of being a racial and sexual minority in a world set against you has been studied and is well documented:Sexual Minority Stress
I celebrate my intersections, and if you catch me on a good day we can sit and chat about them. If you catch me on a bad day, you might have to eat my gay dust as you are left behind. What can I say, like brother Walt Whitman, I contain multitudes.



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