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Jason Collins


What a new day! I will have more to say on this later, but right now I’m just basking in the glow of the good news! Yay for equality, access and agency and congrats Jason! To think that little gay boys and girls of color will be able to look up to a professional out, proud black male…I never thought I’d see the day. This is incredible.
Congrats to and let’s recognize some other gay athletes who helped to open the space for him.
Gay Athletes

Update: Collins is a gem. Read his comments in the times: “I don’t have time to really think about history right now,” Collins said. “I just have to focus on my job tonight.” NYTimes Article

Upon letting the dust settle from the original moment of euphoria, I have some more thoughts on this. As with most things, I have two avenues of approach here. I wouldn’t say I am torn, however I hold a cognitive dissonance about Jason coming out. Let me explain. On the one hand, this is so important right? Visibility, and agency are two poles that black men, and especially queer black me need to inhabit and grab and hold. Being seen is taking your place in society, and claiming your rights, and sea tattle table. As I mentioned earlier, the LGBTQ youth who can look up to him as a role model, and know it is not only fine to be LGBTQ, but fierce, and fabulous.
On the other, won’t it be a great day when there are so many out athletes, that this doesn’t matter? Of course they all have to accomplish the first for this to happen, however so I suppose instead of dissonance, these two avenues are two lanes on one side of adivided highway, going the same direction, but separate. Out athletes can only become boring, commonplace news in a world where we have accepted them, when they have all come out. As long as there is only 1 out pro basketball player, he will be a novelty, and an outlier. I dream of the day he is one of a crowd of out pro ball players.


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