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What I Am Here For

For colored boys who are afraid to walk down the street when America says they are nothing.
I am with you, I am one of you. I am for you

Jordan, you were a young boy with promise only 17. I am here for the man you cant become. The father who would have braided his daughters hair. The man who would have taken his mother out to birthday dinners at her favorite restaurant. I am here for the proud walk across the stage for your high school graduation that will never happen.
A jury just told your weeping parents that America agrees your life was worth nothing.
I do not agree, and I am here for you. I will keep screaming until my voice, and the voices of all people of color are heard.
What good does it do to be the President, if now it is legal to be shot down in the street, unarmed, because your music is too loud?

I am here for the futures that have been stolen. Here for the future of Mark, and Islan, and Oscar, and Trayvon and so many more that I don’t know and can’t name.

I am here for the meaning of your lives. Your family left behind, and for justice.

Remembering you and making sure you are always in the forefront is my mission.

You are what I am here for.



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