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I just saw a child of about 9 pull an iphone out of his pocket, and start talking on it. I just had to sigh a long sigh, and sip my coffee. Has it come to this? Must 9 year olds walk around with smartphones? How smart is a 9 year old? To whom is this child speaking? Are they late for their conference at the United Nations? Now before I hear protests, yes I certainly admit that I own an iphone and have not spoken at the U.N. as of yet… However at least I am an adult with actual transactions and friends I need to speak to across the planet, therefore requiring a phone on which to speak to.  Also I started wondering what apps this child might have on their phone? Did they request them, or did their parents fill their phone with educational applications? How much is their cell phone bill? Did these parents apply browser protocols? Can this child access Girls Gone Wild in other words? What about safety etcetera?

When I was nine, I did not need a phone. If there was an emergency at school, the school had a school nurse first of all. Secondly, every school I attended had phones of their own. Perhaps these new schools do not have phones in their offices…If my parents need to reach me for some reason at school, they called the school, and the school called the room I was in, (Because my parents knew my schedule and knew that at 2.15 or whatever I was in Mrs. Sterlies class.) and that was that. These kids today… so much technology so young, but I am not sure they are smarter. We were using computers at Watterson Elementary. We even had a school newsletter that I was one of the editors of. Yup. It was a one page two sided dot matrix thing, that had a story about the spelling bee, or an article about using your earned good behavior bucks in the computer lab etc. However we were learning early newspaper editorial room skills. These kids on their smartphones…what are they learning?


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