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The arms of the father

Yuck. That’s the word that first comes to mind when I think of what Dylan Farrow must be going through right now. You summon up the courage to reopen the old wounds of your molestation and rape. As if it isn’t bad enough that you must experience the terror all over again by putting the words in print, you then are faced with the barrage of folks denying your truth. People have been saying, “well we don’t know the whole story” and, “well I don’t know.” How sick and twisted is that a lot of these people are women! Folks who are devoted to a “funny guy”? Since when does writing funny material give you the right to rape?

I’ve covered some of this in an earlier post. However what got to me this week, in this ongoing saga of, “Who kicks feminism in the teeth today?” , we have Woody Allen issuing a rebuttal to Dylan Farrow…

To quote Audrey Hepburn in Break Fast At Tiffany’s upon receiving a pair of gauche earrings from a john- “I must say the mind reels!” What father in his right mind, (and no whatever you can say about the mind of Allen, it hasn’t been right in a long time) would think writing an opinion piece calling his daughter basically a liar, and a sad, confused puppet of your ex, would be healing and or helpful to anyone?

If Allen cared about Dylan AT ALL the only response to her confession would have been silence. He should have said nothing. Any words from his mouth except an apology can do no good. His continued vicious attacks on her mother just seem sad and pathetic coming from him.

He would be smart to try to not do any MORE harm. That would be to shut his mouth and let his daughter process in whatever way she needs to be whole.



One comment on “The arms of the father

  1. Miss Lou
    February 9, 2014

    I agree! Such a terrible thing to have happened and the saddest part, it must feel like it is happening over and over and over again! Prayers for Dylan Farrow – & Woody Allen. It is going to be a very very VERY painful time for him when he accounts for the things he has done (with his maker).

    Great post about a very difficult subject!


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