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Tell Me Your Story

I am moved to make a devised piece on the current murders of young black men. This would involve transcribing interviews with young black men about how they feel, and how they deal with the messages society is giving them about their life and worth. It is open season on black men and boys. What is it to be a crime to be a man of color? This piece is inspired by the brutal murders of Mark Carson, Oscar Grant, and Trayvon Martin and countless others. I want to foster a dialogue between young black and white men, and create a devised piece from interviews with you. I want people talking. It is only through dialogue and art that we can come to understand each other and stop the violence.

All of this starts with your stories. As men of color, what messages do you receive from society? How do you feel walking down the street? Are you safe in a hoodie? Can anyone just kill you and get away with it? I want to hear your stories, and incident, or just your general feelings. Talk to me.

My LGBTQ brothers in the wake of Mark Carson, how do you feel? Are you shut out for the main LGBTQ movement? Everyone knows Matthew Sheppard but you had to google Mark Carson didn’t you? How do you feel about that?

My WHITE brothers…. I want to hear your voices. Allies, enemies. What’s your side of this?

I want to hear from everyone. Tell me your story, your truth. Please tell the truth, and please speak from YOUR experience, personal feelings, not what someone told you, or something you read. Narratives that require the words, “me” and or “I” are preferred. I am trying to put together an art piece so I need 1st person narratives for monologues, and research. Let’s also keep this anonymous. If you want to include your name and address I will respond, but keep it anonymous so you feel comfortable if you wish. This is on the honor system. Please tell the truth. Only honesty will bring about change and understanding. tell me the truth







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