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He would have been 19 today

Trayvon would have been 19 today…

The phrase sits on me and makes it hard to breathe.
It should.

I’m sitting here in my Panera typing this on my iPad air, drinking my second dark roast coffee, eating a buttery soufflé that I didn’t make…

Trayvon would have been 19 today…

Earlier I was imessaging with friends, making jokes about yesterday and the headline news, intriguing innuendo and salacious shade, all with smiles and cackles

Trayvon would have been 19 today…

This morning on the way out I had to stand in the freezing weather, and was so pissed that there was 4 inches of snow to brush off my car. I actually was angry because I had looked out the window at 4 am and nothing was on there, so the snow snuck up on me and really took me by surprise. This delayed my arrival to Panera.

Trayvon would have turned19 today, and he would have had an awesome party, with family and friends.

The Super Bowl just happened, and the country spent it with friends, having an evening of wings, welled up feelings, entertainment, spilled t, laughs and hugs

Trayvon would have turned 19 today. This is my commemoration, my celebration of the life in this young soul that was taken.

Remember Trayvon today when your samsung smart phone isn’t loading your web page fast enough…

He is dead, yet life continues and we so quickly forget the life that becomes a meme, just a photo.

Amen Trayvon- may you live on in spirit and help us toward the spirit of change in this nation. We have become a country where we can build a monument to a great black man like Dr. King, and then turn around and execute young black men on the street. For walking around with skittles…



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