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Joyce Dewitt

Joyce Dewitt

I recently had the good fortune to catch up with a couple of tour friends. I was going to see a friends show, and it got rained out. So we decided to head on over to the Hot and Krusty on Broadway and 86th I think to chat. It resulted in a 6 hour conversation on all topics, theatre, God, and the nature of blessings, cutt off shorts, producers, casting agents, bad shows, good shows and the inbetween. In short we boiled down life to a few truths.
1. Showbuisness is fickle. One day your in a broadway show, the next day you are begging to do coat check.

2. Your art is worth the price of NY. The insane rent for no space, the horrible public transportation, the urine smell mixed with an intoxifying bouquet of fecal matter that is always in the subway, the cattle calls, being treated as less than a human being by agents, monitors, producers etc- all of it is just part of the game

3. It takes good friends to carry you through.




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